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Installing Unity & Project Setup

What is Unity Hub?

The Unity Hub is a standalone application that streamlines the way you find, download, and manage your Unity Projects and installations.

How to Install Unity?

To install unity hub, go to Click the unity for your respective operating system. The installer will get downloaded. Once downloaded click the installer and as with any standard software installation it is a series of clicking next, next, next and you should have unity hub up and running.

Unity Hub Overview

Once you open the unity hub, it looks like this


Fig 1

To install a new version of unity, Go to the installs section, click ADD and select a  version of unity. LTS stands for long term support and the most stable version of unity. Beta versions are under development. If you want to try new features that’s in development you can install beta versions. Please be aware that beta versions could be buggy and might crash during development. Keep saving often when you create games using beta versions of unity engine

unity installs.jpg

Fig 2

Add unity version.jpg

Fig 3

Inside the preferences section, you will be able to set the path where the unity editors need to be installed.  In case you are procuring paid version of license, you could activate and manage them in the license management section

Unity hub preferences.jpg

Fig 4

To create a new project click the drop-down arrow beside the New button (as shown in Fig 1) and select the version of unity with which you want to develop your project. Now you should be able to see the templates window. Select the right template for your game. If it’s a 2D game select 2D or If it’s a 3d game select 3d Template. Click create and wait for a couple of seconds for the project to get created and the unity editor will open once the creation process is completed.