Which Unity Version should I be using?

A Quick answer to that question would be the Latest LTS(Long Term Support) version. Before we get in to the different types of unity releases, Lets understand the naming convention of a unity Release. A Release in Unity will have the following Naming convention.

Unity Versions.png

Sample Unity versions are Given below:

Unity 2021.2.12f1 – Final Release

Unity 2022.1.0b8 – Beta Release

Unity 2022.1.0a6 – Alpha Release

Alpha and Beta releases is where you have the latest features of unity engine, but at the same time they are not extensively tested and potentially unstable

Releases in Unity are of three types as shown in below table

Release Types.jpg

To Access the available versions in Unity, You can go to Unity Hub->Installs and then click Add

Unity hub add version.jpg

Packages in Unity

Packages are readily available features that can be used in your unity project. It can include core features that are installed along with unity or other packages that you can install on demand.

package Lifecycle.jpg
Package Types.png

Packages that are not stable are usually marked as Experimental/Preview in the Package manager. Verified Package are marked as Verified/Release in the Package Manager.

Package Manager.png